What is snake oil

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A number of recent threads have me curious—where is the line most of us agree crosses into snake oil? The extremes are obvious—this box of rocks and crystals creates quantum sound improvement is obviously snake oil, whereas a better designed driver in an optimized enclosure obviously is not.

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Definition of snake oil in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of snake oil. What does snake oil mean? Information and translations of snake oil in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.Snake Repellent FAQ Q: What is snake repellent? A: As always (or at least most of the time) with this kind of thing, snake repellent is a granule, spray, or even noise which interferes with the snake's Jacobson's organ. This organ is what snakes (and other reptiles) rely on to find fresh air.

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The Psychological Appeal of Snake Oil We are drawn to the belief that "one weird trick" can improve our lives. Posted Feb 04, 2019Zinc is contained as part of the standard additive package in. virtually every major brand of engine oil sold today, varying from a. low volume of 0.10 per cent in brands such as Valvoline All Climate. and Chevron l5W-50, to a high volume of 0.20 percent in brands such. as Valvoline Race and Pennzoil GT Performance.

Snake oil. Sale. Regular price. $13.00. How could I not have snake oil? I am trying to do a lot of things with this one. First I honor the Snake totem, a guide for transformation, wisdom, knowledge, eternity, immortality. Then I am paying homage to the old huckster purveyors of "snake oil" also known as patent medicines.