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Salvage Cars Why Japanese Salvage Cars? We believe that Japan is the best place to buy salvage cars mainly because cars in Japan are very carefully maintained and the Japanese roads are renown to be the best in the world.. Enter salvage cars auctions . Firstly maintenance standards for cars driven in Japan are one of the highest in the world.. Secondly Japanese government discourages people to ...

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Cesario Corporation purchases a machine for $125,000. It has an estimated salvage value of $10,000 and is expected to produce 50,000 units in its lifetime. During the first year of operation, it produced 15,000 units. To the nearest dollar, the depreciation for the first year under the units of production method will be:


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$3000-$10000: A Minty Gunto Mounted Signed Koto Katana. New! Nice Long Samurai Mounted Katana By 1st Generation Yokoyama Sukekane More photos added. Big Sale Price!! A Mantetsu In Rare Late Type 66 Mounts. New! A Special Wakizashi Yokoyama Sukenaga Made On The Grounds And Presented To The Tenmangu Shrine In Osaka. New! $10000 And Above