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Autistics will be treated like babies because part of us IS a baby. The social part of our brain can't grow up because it is damaged. We can never communicate on the same level as NTs. And as NTs are mostly all about their social life, we are babies to them. Another problem is autistic and neurotypicals have a common fault. My mom told me since I acted like a baby I was going to get treated like a baby. She got a babysitter for me. Turns out it was the most popular girl in school! (BTW the girl was my bully and took my pic with the diaper :[ ) When Lori ( That was her name.) Got to my house, She saw me and laughed. I was so embarrassed.Answer: In general, internal fixation implants can be removed at some point in the future after the fracture has healed. The timeframe for this varies based on location and, somewhat, on surgeon preference. In most cases the surgeon will wait about 12-18 months before considering removal. There c...

When parents have a child, they are aware that they have to take care of them 24/7. It can sometimes be overwhelming. They look forward to their baby growing up and being self-sufficient. The BIG disadvantage to be treated like a baby again is that you can’t have it both ways.