Schimmel rifle kit


The Lexington Rifle - This rifle is a copy of an original by William Turner Bryan (circa 1815). It is typical of the work done by the family of Bryan gunsmiths and features the distinctive two-piece Lexington patchbox. The rifle was built as a donation to the Contemporary Longrifle Foundation's 2013 live auction in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Selling rifle kits, rifle making supplies, accessories and specialized learning materials. 100% American made. 50 Cal Flint Kit For Sale at GunAuction. All components are made in the USA. Title 18, U. He has built his reputation the old-fashioned way, through hard work and attention to quality and customer satisfaction.This Index/Menu is Updated as files are Uploaded to the Library. (Last Update 6/28/2021) Instructions to download the Tutorials! Click on a Category Menu Tab below and select a Tutorial. This will take you to that Tutorials Download page. There, either Click on the Image of the Tutorial or the...

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The Poor Boy. Rifles that were made for the working class, these "Schimmels" were built without the furniture found on rifles from other schools of the 18th Century. These guns were built without a sideplate, toeplate, muzzlecap, and sometimes, a buttplate. While a patchbox was not normally found on such a rifle, a sliding wooden patchbox ...The kit will include the lock, barrel and all the miscellaneous parts needed to build your rifle. Building one of these kits is a major undertaking, but they can produce a fine, handcrafted rifle. Assemble Your Own. Rather than buying a kit, you can assemble your components individually—this means you get an un-inletted, pre-carved stock with ...

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