Propane compression fitting

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HOME-FLEX UNDERGROUND Fittings make connections easier than ever. Just cut your pipe and insert the included internal stiffener. There's no need to chamfer the pipe—just smooth away any burrs. Then tighten the nuts. There's nothing to assemble. They're ready to use right out of the package.

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sure Fittings, and B16.18, Cast Copper Alloy Solder Joint Pres-sure Fittings. Each fitting is permanently marked with the man-ufacturer's name or trademark, except for small sizes where marking may not be practical. Drainage Fittings 4 Drainage fittings are used in soil-and-waste drainage and vent-ing applications.Compression outlets typically consist of the pipe, a nut, a compression ring and the fitting itself. The nut and ring are placed on the pipe, then the fitting is placed at the pipe's end. As the nut is tightened against the fitting the brass ring is deformed against the pipe itself, creating a strong seal.

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Tiff, Feb 26, 2006. #22. SDSMax New Member. Ptfe tape should never be used on a COMPRESSION. fitting.It is only used on a male/female gas thread. and of course should be the thicker,usually yellow. gas grade ptfe tape. You are going to blow yourself up, other people around you and take out the side of someones house!Burckhardt Compression AG Franz-Burckhardt-Strasse 5 , P.O. Box 3352 CH-8404 Winterthur Switzerland. Tel. +41 52 261 55 00 [email protected] Stay informed. Register ...

Teflon tape for gas fittings, also known as gas-rated Teflon tape, is yellow in color and clearly states it is for gas lines and connections. The tape works on all gas line types, including butane, propane and natural gas lines. Gas-rated Teflon tape is thick, Underwriters Laboratories listed and has a temperature range of negative 450 to 550 ...Beswick QDCs are available with M3, M5, 10-32, ¼-28, M8 and 1/8 NPT threaded connections. Tube barbs are available for 1/16 inch, 5/64 inch (2.0 mm), 3/32 inch (2.5 mm), 1/8 inch, 0.170 inch and ¼ inch inside diameter tubing. For higher pressures, higher temperatures, or for rigid tubing integral compression fittings are also available.