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The patriots have now prepared for what is coming. All the pieces to the puzzle have been put into place and at the right moment the patriots are going to strike. Defcon 1 is the key, that is when fire and fury is going to rain down on the [DS]. OWL will be put into place, COG will be initiated, Castle Rock.

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It's not perfect. I now struggle to stay awake past 8pm (oddly, I used to be a night owl), and I really hope that changes as I catch up on 20 or 30 years of missed sleep. I still have a lot of anxiety, fearing that this is all too good to be true, and I hesitate to get back in therapy because of my past experiences.

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I have a NightOwl DVR connected to my Fios quantum router. I've had this setup working with no problems for years, now suddenly I can't connect to the DVR. I tried resetting everything, but still nothing. I can connect in the app when I'm at home, which tells me the DVR is connected to the router, but outside the house still nothing.

Jul 25, 2019 · On a device connected to the Netgear 7550, type in a web browser's search bar and press enter. This will bring you to a sign in page for the Gateway User Interface. Enter the administrative credentials which should be on the label on the 7550. Using Night Owl X The DVR username is admin by default. If you are not the admin , login with your username credentials. If you do not have a username and password, please contact the admin and have them create one for you using the instructions on page 7 of your QSG.