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Yaya Habeeb yadafe kai ya wani zaro ido yace in har baso kike yi nima nayi miki kuka ba babylove ki ajiye wannan zance a gefe ki yarda da ni ki kuma daina kwakwato akan irin so da nake miki, da ace ana bud'e zuciya da wallahi na bud'e miki tawa zuciya ki shiga idanu ki su hasko miki irin masifafe son da nake miki wannan ce kadai hanyar da zanbi ...

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The legacies of the Iraq war. Just after midnight on Aug. 2, 1990, an invasion force of about 100,000 Iraqi troops crossed into Kuwait. The Kuwaiti military, outnumbered and taken by surprise, was swiftly routed. By nightfall that first day, the country's main bases and international airport were in Iraqi hands, as was the palace of the emir ...Je me fais vacciner pour me protéger moi-même et les autres. Francisca. Je me fais vacciner pour me protéger et protéger mon entourage, je veux retrouver ma vie d'avant. geetika. For the safety of my society and to enjoy life with my loved ones. Sarah. Il faut absolument que je protège mes patients.

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