Japanese girl names meaning death

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Names that have spiritual meaning are a great place to start and often provide some very unique names for both boys and girls. We have pulled together the best of those names that mean spirit, ghost, soul, or phantom .

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Camellia / Tsubaki. The camellia is an early spring flower native to Asia. In Japanese, this flower is known as tsubaki. They were very popular with nobles during the Edo Period. Among warriors and samurai, the red camellia symbolized a noble death. Otherwise, the red camellia means love.

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1 - Akuji The meaning of this African name is "dead and awake" - not very cheery for a new life!. 2 - Cecilia Although this pretty-sounding Latin name may be your name of choice, you may want not want to tempt fate as it means "blind".. 3 - Claudia Again, you might want to avoid this feminine of Latin Claudius as it means "lame" or "disabled".. 4 - Deirdre This Celtic and Gaelic name ...One interesting thing in Japan is that six days after the birth, a baby is given an informal name. When the child is 16 years old, he or she has a formal name that is given in a proper naming ceremony. Below is a list of more than one hundred Japanses unisex names along with their meanings. Let's check it out and create your own list of favourite names for your babies.

Japanese meaning: Love, red carnations are a common gift for Mother's Day. Western meaning: A wide variety of meanings depending on color. For example, red carnations represent romantic love and yellow symbolize rejection. 3. Red Spider Lily (Higanbana, 彼岸花 ) Japanese meaning: death.Japanese Sword Names in Bleach. When thinking of the countless examples of awesome Japanese sword names in anime and manga, especially when the media contains far more such examples than real life, the "soul-cutting swords" of Bleach are one of the first groups that you may want to consider. This section will highlight some of the more ...