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Android Gradle plugin 3.6.0 and higher include support for the Maven Publish Gradle plugin, which allows you to publish build artifacts to an Apache Maven repository.The Android Gradle plugin creates a component for each build variant artifact in your app or library module that you can use to customize a publication to a Maven repository. The components that the Android plugin creates depend ...

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前言在前面的文章中,以及说明了本地仓库的搭建及其gradle上传的使用;automation - 使用Artifactory简单搭建本地library仓库automation - 使用docker搭建基于artifactory的library仓库1. root/build.gradle根目录下的build.gradle 需要引入 artifactory :// Top-level build fil

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一.配置. 创建gradle.properties内容如下:. BUILD_TYPE = release MAVEN_URL = 仓库地址 MAVEN_URL_SNAPSHOT = 仓库地址 MAVEN_USER_NAME = 用户名 MAVEN_PWD = 用户密码 SDK_VERSION_NAME = 版本名 SDK_VERSION_NAME_SNAPSHOT = 版本名 SDK_GROUP_ID = group id SDK_ARTIFACT_ID = artifact id SDK_TYPE = aar. 二. 使用默认aar. 在library module目录下的build.gradle文件中加入

Publish an artifact. To publish a Maven artifact to your feed, follow these steps: If you don't have a Maven package, you can create one by running the following command: mvn -B archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId="org.apache.maven.archetypes" -DgroupId="MyGroup" -DartifactId="myFirstApp"AndroidStudio加速之--(三) 发布 aar到 Artifactory 一、前言二、添加jfrog gradle 依赖2.1、工程模块下build. gradle 2.2、hello module下的build. gradle 三、打包并上传四、其他项目使用五、总结 具体关于上传的详细说明可以查看官方的 Artifactory gradle 插件 一文。. 一、前言 经过 ...