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With Flutter, you can build mobile apps without learning Android, Java, iOS, or Swift. In this updated video course on Flutter, you'll learn all the basic and advanced concepts needed to build amazing iOS and Android apps. The course starts with an introduction to Flutter, guiding you through the installation process of Flutter on Windows and Mac.

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Live. •. The RichText widget displays text that uses multiple different styles. The text to display is described using a tree of TextSpan objects, each of which has an associated style that is used for that subtree. The text might break across multiple lines or might all be displayed on the same line depending on the layout constraints.

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This article will help, if you are developing a flutter application that needs to select the list items, like in a chat-app to delete the selected chats, or in a todo-app to remove or tick the selected todos. ... STEP 6: Wrap the ListTile is a Container to visually separate the selected items from the unselected ones, by changing the color of ...

dependencies: flutter: sdk: flutter cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2 appwrite: ^1.0.2 Add the appwrite dependency (as shown above) in the pubspec.yaml file and enter the pub get command: flutter pub get Creating a user account. Now that we have the Appwrite SDK integrated in our Flutter app, let's create a user's account from the app.Buttons are the basic UI component of any framework. In this tutorial, we will do a Flutter Raised Button Example. Flutter's basic motto is to create stunning UI. There are 7 different types of buttons in Flutter. Here you can learn about all those flutter's buttons