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aws ec2 modify-instance-attribute --instance-id i-1234567890abcdef0--user-data Value= Example: View user data. To retrieve the user data for an instance, use the describe-instance-attribute command. With describe-instance-attribute, the AWS CLI does not perform base64 decoding of the user data for you

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Sep 21, 2017 · Launching AWS EC2 can be supplied by something what is known as "user data" and it helps to have things ready before you access it. ER's cards - devOps, cloud, automation, k8s, docker Hello World! Adding User Data to an EC2 Instance in AWS CDK #. User data allows us to add commands to the startup script of an EC2 instance. In order to add user data to an EC2 instance, we have to load the script from the local file system and pass it to the addUserData method on the instance. lib/cdk-starter-stack.ts. Copied!

Expected Behavior. The base64 should not depend on the underlaying OS. When preforming terraform apply, it should not have no changes if the code didn't change.. Actual Behavior. Terraform detects a change for user_data. I performed a base64 decode myself (linux) and the difference shows nothing, even though the base64 user_data from a Windows station is indeed different from the linux one.EC2 User Data - How to implement AWS user data or How to Bootstrap EC2 Instances. EC2 User Data - How to implement AWS user data or How to Bootstrap EC2 Instances.Jul 20, 2020 · The idea is create one EC2 instance (one simple Amazon Linux AMI AWS-supported image). ... when we're configuring the instance, we can specify user data to configure an instance or run a ...