Delta loop vs vertical antenna

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This antenna is an innovation. . ( I have read about a sloping two band Delta loop but it used two feed lines-- mine uses one). It is called the 40/30 pyramid. This antenna is predicated on what I will call ZO's law. That is, If rf can find resonance in an antenna, it will. I learned that on my fan verticals ( see my article on the fan vertical) .

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One of the best kept secrets of Amateur radio antennas are either the box, or delta loop antennas. Resonant antennas cut to the exact frequency, in the middle portion of the band, and used with a tuner of sufficient size, can tune several bands. The formula used to find a full wave loop antenna is 1005 / FMhz.

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Established in 2008, Chameleon Antenna has been a great source of enjoyment for amateur radio operators. Their antenna designs have inspired other companies to also rethink their own antenna systems. Chameleon Antenna is proudly manufacturing antennas that are 100% made in the USA.Aug 29, 2021 · 30 thoughts on “ Wire antennas vs. mag loop antennas ” Bill August 30, 2021 at 6:03 pm. I live in an apartment, and have used a W6LVP active loop with great success for receiving, and also use a stealthily hidden dipole and a homebrew mag loop for transmitting.

Feb 29, 2012 · Nothing ever offered any S/N advantage compared to the available TX antennas; full size 40m dipole and vertical @65m, full wave 80m loop @73m and two full size 160m 0.25 slopers @63m. Because of limited available real estate, beverages have not been tried thus far. Also, there are some large rusted fences along the property perimeters. My Loop Antenna November 20, 2013 2 Outline • Brief History • Characteristics of Small Loop Antennas for HF • My Loop for 40m -15m • Receive/Transmit Properties of Elect.-Small Loops • Loop Equations • Measuring Efficiency of a Loop or Vertical Antenna • Evaluation of My Loop -Comparison to Verticals • Conclusions -References