Chumash language

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The Chumash People . The Chumash people are one of many Native American tribes that once dominated what is now the USA. Located in modern day Santa Barbara, California, between the coast and the Santa Ynez Mountain range, the Chumash called themselves "the first people," believing the Pacific Ocean was their "first home".

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Rosario Cooper, last speaker of the Obispeño Chumash language, seated at viewer's right outside her home near Arroyo Grande during her linguistic work with John P. Harrington, 1916. Left to right: Mauro Soto, Rosario's husband, J. P. Harrington, Frank Olivas, Jr., Rosario's grandson, and Rosario Cooper.

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Chumash definition, a member of an American Indian people who formerly inhabited the southern California coast from San Luis Obispo to Santa Monica Bay, as well as the Santa Barbara Islands and the interior westward to the San Joaquin Valley: noted for their sophisticated seacraft and rock paintings. See more.The Chumash are the indigenous people of nearby coastal California - did you know Malibu's name is derived from the Chumash word humaliwo ("where the surf sounds loudly")? Georgiana Sanchez, Deborah Sanchez, and John Moreno are Chumash and have been instrumental in the revival and preservation of the Chumash language.

Language boundaries between contact-period Salinans and Northern Chumash were studied as an issue separate from that of specific community locations. Two widely accepted alternative boundaries are ...