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The Chamberlain Clicker Universal Remote Control (KLIK1U, KLIK3U, KLIK3U-BL, KLIK3U-PK) aka LiftMaster 375UT (375 LM) is a universal remote that. will program to most garage door openers and external receivers using learn buttons or DIP switches.

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Because the Chamberlain 853CB multi-function three-button garage door opener remote is easy to program and easy to operate, it's a must-have for people who need a simple solution. It's designed to work with a garage door opener with a green "Learn" button , which means it operates at a 390 MHz frequency.The learn button for your garage door opener is located on the back or side of the garage door opener motor. The learn button allows you to program compatible remotes to your garage door opener. You may notice that different garage door openers have different colored learn buttons.

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The process of programming or syncing your remote to the garage door opener differs from one garage door opener to another. You need the learn button to initiate it so you need to find the learn button first. Remove the light cover on the opener to find the learn button. chamberlain garage door opener yellow learn button 3. Program the RemoteProgramming a rolling code system. If your device is Rolling Code . equipped, it is necessary to follow. steps 1 through 4 under the heading. Programming the HomeLink before. proceeding with the steps listed below. 1. Locate the training button on the ceiling. mounted garage door opener motor.

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