Beeman commander 177 review

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It has a Beeman logo on the side, indicates it was made in Spain, and has a model 44-1C on the side of the breech. After doing some research, I think it's a Norica-imported rifle, labeled as a Beeman, also sold as a Marksman 0035, Beeman Silver Bear Deluxe, and a few other names.

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2007-07-07T12:46. I have been searching for one great main hunting airgun for a while. I thought I had my mind made up on the 48 .22 cal but then couldnt help to notice the great reviews on the beeman R9. I know the 48 has a lot more power so it might still be the best airgun for me but do yall think I would be better off with the R9.

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Company Commander: J. D. Cruz, GMG1; Men Graduated: 54; Graduation Date: Not Stated; Supplemental Content: Recruit Honors Photos, Group Photo of Company 67-350 Commander J. D. Cruz, GMG1, and Petty Officers, 11 September 1967, Passing in Review, Sounds of Boot Camp Training, Bluejackets on Parade Record Cover, Record of Bluejackets on Parade.Enjoy up to 100 shots per fill in .177 cal. and up to 80 in .22 with this handsome PCP air rifle. The Beeman Commander is a 10-shot, bolt-action repeater set into a rich, dark-brown European hardwood thumbhole stock.

The beeman commander is essentially the same as the chief 2, it just has a different stock configuration. The chief 2 and commander are multishot repeaters where as the chief is single shot. The question as to whether its worth the upgrade depends on whether or not you feel like having multishot capabilities for faster follow up shots.