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Sep 10, 2020 · I had my baby Tuesday morning. I can’t explain exactly how I feel besides constantly emotional and on the verge of tears. I miss him being in my belly. I miss his kicks and feeling him. Which I didn’t expect because I was so over being pregnant. I find myself missing being in the hospital pregnant with him and just wishing I was still there.

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My husband passed away on 6.1.13 age 55yrs with cancer,I'm 52yrs and can't stop crying ,can't eat or sleep my doctor gave me sleeping pills and a number to phone,cruise,but they have a waiting list 2 month they say ,I feel like no body out there to help .

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Mar 04, 2020 · normally i do not comment on these things, but the one about small children saying things or acting weird really really freaked me out. i am 16 days late of my period and recently my cat had kittens. welll, i was baby sitting this little 3 year old boy that i always baby sit and my boyfriend was talking to him about the kittens. out of nowhere this little boy says “hayra is having a baby too ... During your baby's first few days of life, it's normal to feel emotional highs and lows, something commonly referred to as the "baby blues." With the baby blues, you might feel happy one minute and tearful or overwhelmed the next. You might find yourself feeling angry, sad, irritable, or discouraged.

To see how much we can all relate to each other gives me hope. I personally don't want an abortion, but my longtime boyfriend encourages it. I'm feeling pushed into doing so. Thus far I feel like I'm going to keep my baby but then there are days when he says the most harsh things to try to convince me to get rid of the baby.The baby 's nervous system works properly and the development happens peacefully. The baby also feels calm and relaxed, and grow peacefully. Do My Emotions During Pregnancy Affect My Baby's Personality? Some researches show that how a baby develops after birth seems to have some forbearance on the chemical releases that she received as a fetus.I remember telling my oldest a few weeks into the birth of his sister (baby #3) something like "Gosh sometimes it must feel so unlucky to have to have two other siblings. Man, I know the feeling, I had two little sisters myself. Most days I loved having sisters, but yeah, some days, I really wished my mom would hug only me!"