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Amazon DSP's main attraction is that it can use Amazon's deep well of data on customer behavior to target ads. Harnessing that powerful knowledge, Amazon DSP provides six targeting options: Behavioral Targeting hones in on customers who have shown behaviors such as browsing around a specific product category over the past 30 days.

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Amazon has advised that your cost as the owner will be as little as $10,000. This is because they are using their buying power, technology and logistics network to keep costs low.The goal when you start this franchise is to grow to have 20 to 40 vans, which equates to about 100 employees to deliver packages 24/7.

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The success of the Amazon Delivery Service Program (DSP) is a reflection of its many owners. Their leadership, work ethic, and desire to give back to their communities are the foundation of our partnership. Being a DSP owner is hard work, and we want to make sure we partner with the right individuals.

Honestly, even with Amazon, I'd rather be a driver than a DSP-owner. They only want warm bodies. I was fairly decent at my job, and liked it (if not the economic arrangement) ... as a DSP-owner you'll be herding cats. Amazon won't care too much as long as you can keep finding strays that perform well enough to keep the copmany average afloat.Interview. Amazon representing was smiling and welcoming. Made you feel safe with mask and vest for interview. Straight to the point and instant job offer. Great benefits, salary, incentive pay. Available any shift or hours from 9:30-9pm. Continue Reading. Interview Questions. Why did you choose Amazon.