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With Einstein AI you can: • Build custom predictions and recommendations with clicks. • Embed predictive insights into any record or in any app. • Operationalize AI by adding it to every workflow or business process. Watch Demo. Machine Learning. Natural Language Processing. Computer Vision.

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How a cannabis-focused AI platform helps growers predict yield Submitted by Marijuana News on Fri, 09/10/2021 - 11:52 Agtech, agritech, farmers with self-driving tractors—however you typically refer to it, the agricultural tech industry is expanding quickly.Hello guys! Meet OracleDota - an AI-based platform that offers predictions for winning in professional Dota 2 matches and various statistics from high skill and pro matches. But first things first. OracleDota grew out of a university project in which the authors tried to predict the result of a regular match in Dota 2.

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Artivatic provides end to end solutions for denial prediction, patient profiling, wellness, genetics, medical documents reading and more. Brokers, B2B2C Insurance. ... Artivatic's DIY AI platform enables businesses to directly integrate technology to their solutions.With wind energy, both the demand and the supply - the wind itself - can be better predicted with stronger weather forecasting, thanks to AI. This predicament extends into electricity trading as well. Olsson explains, "If you know exactly how much the wind turbines will produce for, let's say, the next 48 hours, you can sell it on the ...

AI Platform is used to train machine learning models at scale, to host the trained model in the cloud, and to use model to make predictions about new data. This includes support for gathering and ...5 3. Background Artificial Intelligence is the field of research concerned with making machines do things that people consider to require intelligence. In the field of AI there are many systems which have been devised to deal with learning and understanding complex systems.